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Among the details he feels it incumbent to brief his successor about is who uses the gymnasium that used to be in the basement of the old premises on Gloucester Rd. Apart from the very occasional merchant jack, regulars from the Royal and US Navies and thrice weekly judo classes for or by the notes don't say which the Hong Kong Police as they then were , Bob Precious notes "Mr Billy Tingle rents on occasions. Here is a picture of Billy Tingle from October when he was about to leave Shanghai.

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The North China Daily News published a feature article on him. Amongst them will be a man who can look back upon his stay in this city with particular satisfaction and pride and whose influence upon thousands of children of various nationalities whose formative school years have been spent here, is today widespread. When he arrived in Shanghai in September, , he held the bantamweight crown of Australia and it was not long before he was establishing his superiority in ring-craft in this part of the world.

Not all earned renown, but there were many successes, one of the pupils winning the All English Public School Championship. Amongst other groups, he coached the Chinese boxing team to the Olympic Games, units of the British Army stationed here since , including the Scots and Coldstream Guards and since has coached units of the British and U. He has himself represented Shanghai at interport rugby several times and has consistently played football and cricket with local representative teams. In the amateur dramatic world.

Whilst he was interned by the Japanese, he turned his attention with much success also to play producing. Here again he applied himself with such enthusiasm and zest that it seemed natural that he should be cub-master of the Public School Pack and later of the British School Pack. His zeal was rewarded last year when he was appointed District Cub Master. Have been enjoying reading about Billy Tingle. He taught three of my children to swim at the Ladies Recreation Club.

I note that one subscriber said he was 4 ft 11 in height. I think that must be a guess, as I am 5 ft, and would have noticed if he had been shorter than me. My eldest son Patrick used to go to Billy's Saturday sports classes on the Cricket Ground, we parents were delighted the children had such disciplined times. I too have enjoyed reading the comments on Billy. He was indeed a character but I remember not always so popular at the LRC by regular members as he monopolised the pool during his lessons there.

I have come across this cup, which was in my box of memories with various others. It would have been interesting to know why he was named after Gladstone, a family connection or parental admirers? Billy Tingle taught my sister and me to swim at the LRC. I think I was around 4 or 5, so very late 50's probably , as we were on leave in the UK for six months or so in ! He demolished any fear we had of being in the water, and we all became expert swimmers.

My brothers, nine and ten years younger than me, unfortunately did not have the benefits of his continued tuition, and to this day, my sister and I swim far better than our brothers! Go to: Top of page Home What's new. Skip to main content.

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Gwulo: Old Hong Kong. Search form Search. Primary tabs View active tab Photos What links here. Submitted by David on Fri, Names Given:. Here's the most recent example, when I read Mary Bloch's memories of life in Hong Kong [1]: Almost everyone in the expatriate community during the fifties and sixties had heard of Billy Tingle. What made him so memorable? Here's what I've found so far: The early days: boxing his way around the world Amazingly, his records as a boxer are available online [2].

On horseback to China There are lots of gaps between the bouts listed above, so what other skills did he have? The switch to education The story so far doesn't suggest a future in teaching, but that's where we find him next. He taught me boxing and rugby, sports that I played at school in England and in the British Army after the war.

He was a great sportsman and gentleman and many of us owe a lot to him.

My father once saw him box professionally before the war and, I recall, was impressed by his speed and agility in the ring. As the following 'Billy Tinglers' prove, he went on to conduct those after-school classes with great success: I was taught to swim by a man named Billy Tingle who was like an uncle to all the children — he used to get young children to put their heads under water by asking how many fish they could see.

Vol. 36 No. 37 (September 13, )

I had the misfortune one saturday morning to have one of those corner flag spears put through my right foot. At the age of nine, when I left Mr Tingle's academy of self-defence, I could look him straight in the eye, so I deduce he must have been about 4ft 11ins tall. Mr Tingle was physical intructor and character builder extraordinary by appointment to the children of the expatriate gentry. On Saturday mornings droves of red and white capped boys took over the grounds of the HK Cricket Club [ Rule 1 - put your Head Underwater and Breathe Out! Billy Tingle.

That was in Under his guidance, we learnt how to play games competitively but fairly, and to look out for others less able or less fortunate than ourselves. Tingle that can shed light on his remarkable achievements and to help me in locating former students of the Billy Tingle Institute so that the good deeds that he was dedicated to might be continued by his grown-up pupils. I remember him fondly for swimming, boxing, rambles, and lessons in life: a truly great man.

We subsequently both boxed for Bedford School and my brother captained the 1st Eleven so Billy was quite effective! I do not recall him doing any of the training when I was there. This was in about to I also remember there was a high standard of fair play. It ends: Although [Billy Tingle's] Institute's activities continued after the Club moved to its new premises at The Gap [ in ], attendance dropped considerably, due to problems of location and access. There's also this memory that he was granted an MBE in , but I can't find any other confirmation of it: Billy Tingle died some years ago and his funeral service at the cathedral was attended by many of his old Tinglers.

Billy Tingle's boxing bouts.

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The Straits Times, 12 June The Sydney Morning Herald, 4 Apr , page 6. British Expat Forum, threads 1 and 2. China Mail, 16 June , page 4. The Pinkun, June Photos that show this person. The name does ring a bell. He also was a constant presence at the LRC, where he would teach swiming and diving to everyone.

The Milwaukee Journal - Dec 1, Billy Tingle a father figure to my brothers and i Permalink Submitted by Frank Hooley not verified on Sun, Regards, David. Peta Smith. I am one and the same. I know your name: Did your dad fly helicopters? Billy Tingle Permalink Submitted by brianwake on Mon, The Tingle managed Royal visit!

Permalink Submitted by Bails on Thu, Yes I think it was Princess Alexandra and I think Billy Tingle had been told she would be looking down from a room on a high floor in the Hilton, which of course overlooked our beloved Saturday morning sports ground! We never did actually see anyone, nor did I ever see a photo of our creation taken from above! I loved Billy Tingle, and everything he stood for. He was a huge influence on me, not only in his instruction to swim, play cricket and box, but my brother and I both became PE teachers- and I am sure was in no small part because of this wonderful guy, Billy Tingle.

It was so sad to see him trying to desperately keep his movement going after his stroke, working his arms in the shallow end of the LRC Pool! The life guards erected some steps for him to get in and out more easily.

Billy Bunter Of Greyfriars School [1961] 4/4

His passing was a huge loss, my father who had been taught to box by Billy as a boy in Shanghai! Billy Tingle Magnum Photo link. Permalink Submitted by Bails on Fri, In my first bout I took up my boxing stance, looking down to make sure my feet were in the correct position; the next thing I knew was a left hook right on the nose, putting me out of action for quite some time! I still have my Tingle Special gloves.

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Billy Tingle's grave is in the Hong Kong Cemetery. I have already added a comment to this thread about the great man Billy. But I wanted to add that Billy taught my father to box and swim when he was a boy growing up in Shanghai. My father was born in Shanghai in When Billy died, my Dad was a pall-bearer at his funeral and Nan Hooley - a life long friend of our family kindly presented my father with a pair of Billy's cuff links, which I still proudly own! William Tingle, former Permalink Submitted by brianwindsoredgar on Thu, Dan was the most appropriate person as Billy Tingle regarded Dan as a son.

Billy Tingle's Shanghai years Permalink Submitted by simon drakefords. Pinkun Permalink Submitted by David on Tue, Stephen D. Billy tingle picture. Billy Tinglers c.