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November 19, August 1, Pancrase - Breakthrough 7. Pancrase - Breakthrough 6. Ryushi Yanagisawa.

MMA 2012 Trivia - UFC and more介绍

Pancrase - Breakthrough 5. Pancrase - Breakthrough 1. January 19, Pancrase: Advance December 19, December 16, Pancrase: Anniversary Show. September 14, Pancrase: Advance 7.

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Pancrase: Advance 5. April 26, Pancrase: Advance 3. Pancrase: Advance 1. January 16, Pancrase: Alive December 10, September 6, For King of Pancrase Openweight Championship. Pancrase: Alive 6. Pancrase: Alive 5. Pancrase: Alive 4. April 27, Pancrase - Truth December 15, For vacant King of Pancrase Openweight Championship.

Pancrase - Truth 9.


November 9, Posted by Ydoc Dude There was some confusion. Posted by Manfred ttt for input Im gonna create my own quiz that will destroy yours! Prob wont be as good as yours though. I just plain missed it I wasn't able to get online for a few days, blah blah blah I love the trivia, so don't get discouraged Keep em coming Since no one won this time the bet doubles for next time.

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Sorry, I had computer trouble and couldn't come online. I wouldn't have done well anyways, as I only knew a few of those. Posted by Ydoc Since no one won this time the bet doubles for next time.

That's on you Ydoc. Gabriel Gonzaga broke what part of his body against Randy Couture?

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Which fighter cashed in an event at the World Series of Poker? Tim Sylvia hails from which town in Maine? Which fighter did coach Randy Couture think was not a bonafide pounder, but a bonafide er on TUF 1? Tito Ortiz was penalized against Rashad Evans for doing what?

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Which Brazilian UFC pioneer tested positive for steroids in ? Joe Veres was knocked out by Gray Maynard in how many seconds?

UFC 232 - MMA TRIVIA [#3]

Which town does BJ Penn hail from? Who was featured using a colonic on TUF 5? Which song by Hank Williams is Matt Hughes been known to enter the cage to? What was the venue of the first between Couture and Liddell?

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Romi Aram made his UFC debut against which fighter? Pete Williams made his last UFC appearance at which event? UFC 38 was nicknamed what? Jens Pulver said which fighter comes at you like thunder on TUF 5? Frank Shamrock avenged a loss to which fighter when he fought in the UFC? Kazushi Sakuraba broke which bone in his second bout with Wanderlei Silva? Which fighter was forced to withdraw from TUF 1 due to an injury and was made assistant coach afterwards?

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