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The book is the debut effort of Vinnie Mirchandani, founder of software-buying consultancy Deal Architect and a former Gartner tech industry analyst and outsourcing executive with PwC. He's also catalogued corporate innovation efforts during the past six years on his New Florence.

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New Renaissance blog. As he explains in an interview with CIO.

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Da Vinci was an artist, sculptor, architect, city planner—there were 15 or 20 disciplines that just naturally came to him. But my book in not about historical polymaths.

It's about a new type of enterprise that is learning to blend our incredibly wide palette of technologies: one that is taking a bunch of information techs, clean techs, health techs, and biotech and nanotech components to come up with a new set of solutions that we couldn't create five years ago. And they're not just doing it to show off to the world; they're doing it because they are solving some big problems we face.

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Mirchandani: It is, and it isn't. If you're just a jack of all trades and not a specialist, it shows. Look at automobile manufacturers now: Some of their cars are so sophisticated they have million lines of code and hundreds of sensors in them.

Why You Must Learn to Think Like a Polymath - The Connected Web

In effect, an automobile manufacturer has become a technology vendor. You can imagine that if they were just an ordinary software developer, compared to a Microsoft or SAP, we'd have all kinds of problems. They have to be very specialized to be able to match so many different technologies.

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History seems to tell us that if people refer to you by just one name—Michelangelo, Leonardo, Plato, Aristotle—that will probably help your cause. Mirchandani: It starts with really having some grand challenges that you define for yourself.

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The US health care system is flawed. And yet, U. S life expectancy, child mortality, and other health metrics are significantly worse than those of other developed countries. Three of the biggest flaws, according to Stockard a co-founder of Valence Health are:. To combat some of these issues, Valence Health created an analytics-based product portfolio that provides a turnkey HMO solution capable of administering the financial, actuarial, data analysis, claims payments, customer service, and medical management functions of provider-sponsored health plans across the U.

This provides a foundation for doctors to negotiate reimbursements based on quality of service and outcomes instead of having to rely on the quantity of services to reach a profitable reimbursement level.

The Savvy Self-Publisher: Vinnie Mirchandani

This makes much more sense than a strictly-defined per-service fee as a cured patient will not generate future healthcare costs and is more beneficial to the insurer than a provider who keeps treating the patient indefinitely to cover the costs of having a patient. In addition, the meaningful data that can be pulled from the disparate information systems of various healthcare providers allow these providers to not only define a standard quality of care, but measure it against the benchmark.

For the first time, many of these doctors and hospitals can move away from a fee-for-service reimbursement mindset, monitor their population, and measure the quality of care — which is a first step to overcoming many of the flaws of the current U. Using technology, Valence Health not only mastered the use of technology in its operations, but disrupted the health-care market.

And this is only one of the many examples of the innovative uses of technology that Vinnie chronicles in his latest tome.